Hello Men!

Bill Cable

I should actually say hello WHITE MEN!… because that is who this new erotic blog and zine is being written for… white men admiring white men in the acting and adult film industry.

Now before some of you race mongerers out there have a fit over that first statement of this blog introduction post, let me just say this: If USA Today can create a list of 100 black novelists to read, and that isn’t considered racist, then nobody should be saying a word about a blog being written to celebrate the astounding and amazing masculinity and admiration of hot white men. Anyone out there feeling offended or needs to cry racist over this blog should just go create one that suits your taste. This is not a “white power” project. It is a tribute to white actors and porn stars that make the film industries great.

Now with that out of the way, my name is David, and for a long time I have wanted to start writing a blog that is dedicated to gathering on one website, a directory of the hottest white male actors and sex stars in the gay and straight film history old and new. A blog that celebrates muscular, country, blue collar, redneck, trucker, masculine type men with no shame, and is written for the gay and straight men who have no shame in watching them, and even getting aroused by them, and admiring their physiques.

I plan to turn this website into a directory of the best and hottest actors and porn stars so that the men who come here looking for information can reference this website and be able to easily find information on his favorite actors, and discover new ones to admire. Women who may come across this blog should take note that even though some straight actors may be listed, this website is not in any way written for you.

The photo above is of Bill Cable. At the publishing of this post, I really don’t know much about him other than he has apparently been in a film or maybe a few, and some porn. He just happened to cross my internet surfing path on this early morning (Thursday, September 3rd, 2020) during a time when I decided to finally kick this blog off to a start and so I decided to include this photo to set a mood for more of what is to come. I will have to do some more digging for information on him, and post what I find in the coming months.

This blog is open for comments. The type of comments I’m looking for are comments that provide information that can help this blog grow. Information you can help with are suggestions of names and website links of male actors and porn stars that fit the goal of this blog which is to be a directory and central location for getting information on the hottest white man meat in film history. Note that comments are moderated and do not appear on this blog without my approval.

So there you have it. If this information interests you, feel free to follow this blog and thanks for reading!

More Content To Come

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