Bill Cable

Bill Cable

Welcome to the Bill Cable fan page at HUNG Zine.

There is currently only limited information available.

On Friday, September 4th, 2020 I spent hours during the early and late morning until almost noon researching and collecting links to start off this fan page for Bill Cable. The information I have below should be considered a “starter pack” for this fan page. I will be back soon to update this page with some photos and other information.

Sites Referencing Bill Cable:

The links I have below for you were all found while browsing Google Image Search for Bill Cable photos. These are blogs and websites that listed information about Bill Cable or photos of him. I have not yet performed a full Google search to find more websites for information, but I will eventually. The whole point of these fan pages is to provide information for you to start your own research on anyway. For now, you can go to the Google link below to do that for yourself.

Google – “bill cable” – [link]

Wikipedia – Bill Cable – [link] – This Wikipedia article covers Bill Cable’s biography as a model and actor, his filmography, references & citations, and external links.

Bijou – 1972 – [link] – Bill Cable’s first porno with Bill Harrison who has a huge dick, and great jerk scenes in the first part of the film. The film overall is kind of weird, but if you like weird movies from the 70’s then it’s ok to sit through. My opinion of the film after seeing it a couple of times is that you don’t watch it for the plot (who cares about plots in porn anyway?), but for the dick. This film was remastered in 2014 and is available to purchase on Amazon. I’m considering to get a copy just for the hell of it to see how it looks compared to this version on Xvideos.

Reference Google for more info on Bijou.

Gramho – #BillCable Instagram posts – [link]

HowOld – [link]

PeoplePill – [link]

BILL CABLE AGAIN (blog) – [link]

CT Bill Cable – Pinterest – [link] – Some hot pins in this board. Also check these other boards.

My New Plaid Pants – [link]

Who’s Dated Who – [link]

TW – Totally Rad – [link]

Find A Grave – [link]

MUBI – [link] – See also Wakefield Poole.

This list was compiled on Friday, September 4th, 2020 @ 11:24 AM CST.

This fan page was listed in HUNG Zine on Saturday, September 5th, 2020 @ 4:32 AM CST.

Comments are appreciated if you have any website or blog suggestions not yet listed regarding information or photos about Bill Cable. Comments are moderated.

More Content To Come

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