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HUNG Zine is proud to present this new list as the beginning of it’s Newtumble adult blogs directory.

This list was started on Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 @ 3:45 AM CST.

Updates will happen periodically.

NOTE: Newtumble requires you to sign up for a free account and set your preferences to give your consent to view adult blogs.


goontardation – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-27-SUN-01:10-CST

masturbation-is-sex – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-18-FRI-01:16-CST

Men At Home

men-at-home – [link] – Listed on 2020-10-06-TUE-04:41-CST


MilitarymenRbomb – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-29-TUE-08:08-CST


cored – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-18-FRI-04:29-CST

Rednecks, Blue Collar, & Country Boys

As the heading above indicates, the blogs in this section will feature photos and videos of mostly white redneck, country, blue collar type men.

redneckcruise – [link]- Listed on 2020-09-18-FRI-00:31-CST

redneckromeo – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-16-WED-03:49-CST

Truckers & Rednecks

southpawbud – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-28-MON-04:54-CST


bigbroth4u – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-16-WED-04:12-CST

chgobator – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-17-THU-03:55-CST

kzoofoto33 – [link] -Listed on 2020-09-16-WED-20:18-CST

nakedbamajock – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-18-FRI-04:35-CST

rcster – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-16-WED-22:50-CST

str8m3n-go-down – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-28-MON-22:05-CST

rural7 – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-16-WED-04:36-CST

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