HUNG Art Gallery Page 001

It’s HUNG Zine’s new HUNG Art gallery. Digital male erotic art by David. This art celebrates male masculinity.

This gallery was started on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 @ 3:06 AM CST.

This page will be updated at least a couple times a week, if not daily, and a new page will be added to this gallery each time a page is filled will 10 art images.

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Where To Get Bootleg Vintage Film And Porn Downloads

Photo credit: Steve Harvey

As the title suggests, this list contains information about websites discovered where you can get downloads of vintage films, including adult erotic films (both straight and gay).

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Tighty Whities Gallery Page 001

Tighty whities are sexy as fuck. I’ve had a fetish for them for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s because I grew up wearing them, or I just like the way they look. They are one of my favorite types of underwear to lounge around in. This gallery is a tribute to the style, and the men who wear them, and the men who love seeing men wear them.

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Twitter Pages For Straight Men

It’s just what the title says. These are Twitter accounts featuring nudity and porn content that straight men will enjoy.

This list was started on Friday, September 25th, 2020 @ 12:29 AM CST.

There is currently only 1 link. This page will be updated as more Twitter accounts are found that fit this list description. Do you know of a Twitter page that should be listed here? Leave a comment.

@NudityOutdoor – [link] – Page description: Outdoor nudity, girls nude outdoor, outside nudity, naturist, nature girl, girls nude outside, public nudity 18+ only.

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Vintage Porn Spotlight 001

Good ol’ boys, both hung, blue collar, redneck type dudes, beatin’ their meat to some porn. See the video on Newtumble here.

UPDATE: 2020-09-29-TUE-03:07-CST – This video was originally found on Newtumbl here, however it has since been discovered that the video is apparently no longer available at that post. The link is being retained in case there was a glitch on Newtumle when this discovery was made.

Newtumbl Blogs Recommended

Photo credit: Unknown

HUNG Zine is proud to present this new list as the beginning of it’s Newtumble adult blogs directory.

This list was started on Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 @ 3:45 AM CST.

Updates will happen periodically.

NOTE: Newtumble requires you to sign up for a free account and set your preferences to give your consent to view adult blogs.


goontardation – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-27-SUN-01:10-CST

masturbation-is-sex – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-18-FRI-01:16-CST

Men At Home

men-at-home – [link] – Listed on 2020-10-06-TUE-04:41-CST


MilitarymenRbomb – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-29-TUE-08:08-CST


cored – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-18-FRI-04:29-CST

Rednecks, Blue Collar, & Country Boys

As the heading above indicates, the blogs in this section will feature photos and videos of mostly white redneck, country, blue collar type men.

redneckcruise – [link]- Listed on 2020-09-18-FRI-00:31-CST

redneckromeo – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-16-WED-03:49-CST

Truckers & Rednecks

southpawbud – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-28-MON-04:54-CST


bigbroth4u – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-16-WED-04:12-CST

chgobator – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-17-THU-03:55-CST

kzoofoto33 – [link] -Listed on 2020-09-16-WED-20:18-CST

nakedbamajock – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-18-FRI-04:35-CST

rcster – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-16-WED-22:50-CST

str8m3n-go-down – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-28-MON-22:05-CST

rural7 – [link] – Listed on 2020-09-16-WED-04:36-CST

Twitter Pages You Must Follow

Photo credit: Brady Rogers

This list was started on Sunday, September 13th, 2020 @ 10:08 PM CST.

Will be updated periodically.

These are the Twitter streams most recommended by HUNG Zine.

@acebannon – Listed on 2020-09-15-TUE-21:06-CST.

@edit9311 – Listed on 2020-09-15-TUE-04:38-CST.

@TXCountryGuy – Listed on 2020-09-13-SUN-22:10-CST.

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Sex Related Articles For Straight Men

Photo credit: Dainis Graveris

Sometimes when I’m researching on the internet for photos or website links to build fan pages or blog posts, I come across articles that I collect for my straight male audience. So here you go. Check the links below. The timestamps are mostly for my own use. I like to keep up with the dates and times that I add things to this website.

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Bill Cable

Welcome to the Bill Cable fan page at HUNG Zine.

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Random Tips

Photo credit: Digital photo art by David Thrift ( site owner)

This list was started on Friday, September 4th, 2020 @ 2:45 AM CST.

Most of the information on this page will most likely be written for my own research use. Nothing written however is private though so if you find something useful, please feel free to explore it. While the goal of this website is to provide links to information regarding male erotica, not everything listed here may be related to that.

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