To Do

Busy! Busy! Busy!

These are not things for you to do. These are things for me to do. I set up this page for myself so that I can quickly list things I come across here on my website that I need to add to the site somewhere at some point. I know that if I save these in my notes, these tasks will probably never get done, but if they are written here, I think there is a faster chance these will get sorted and properly placed (I hope). You can check the links out if you like below that I add, however be aware that this page is very intentionally not organized in any great fashion. Things will pop up here and be removed frequently. The tasks I have listed below can give you an idea of what direction this website is heading as far as content is concerned.

General Tasks:

  1. Find a place for Peplum TV on YouTube. 2020-09-04-FRI-06:10-CST
  2. Find a place for this Actors Pinterest Board by: Carl Cox. 2020-09-05-SAT-02:54-CST
  3. Make a page for the Reddit groups I follow. 2020-09-05-SAT-03:00-CST
  4. Find a place for this hot Bill Cable Pinterest Board by: CT. 2020-09-05-SAT-03:03-CST
  5. Just surfing around Twitter for pages that post vintage male erotic content and found this one. It appears to be abandoned and hasn’t been updated in almost a year, but it contains some great photos. Check it out. @GayVinta – – – Need to make a page for abandoned Twitter pages and put this on it. 2020-09-05-SAT-18:31-CST
  6. Make a page for Twitter searches by hashtags and add #tightywhities to it. 2020-09-06-SUN-00:28-CST
  7. Save this link from PROVOKR for upcoming Chris Hemsworth fan page. 2020-09-06-SUN-04:29-CST
  8. Make a website logo. 2020-09-06-SUN-04:47-CST
  9. Add my “Porn Favorites” page. 2020-09-06-SUN-04:47-CST
  10. Make a list post for abandoned blogs and add this Brad Pitt blog to it. 2020-09-06-SUN-07:26-CST
  11. Save this for upcoming Chris Hemsworth fan page. 2020-09-06-SUN-18:32-CST
  12. Make a Underwear page for linking to websites where men can buy fashion or fetish underwear. 2020-09-06-SUN-19:11-CST
  13. Make a list of all the Tumblr & Newtumbl blogs I’m following. 2020-09-06-SUN-21:24-CST
  14. Start a “Bad Ass Tattoos” Gallery or blog post category for tattoo photos. Inspired by this photo on Twitter. 2020-09-06-SUN-21:27-CST
  15. Make a Lists index page for all lists on the blog to make them easier to access as this website grows. 2020-09-06-SUN-03:22-CST
  16. Use the categories on Bill Cable’s Wikipedia article page to start a new porn categories on Wikipedia list. 2020-09-06-SUN-03:25-CST
  17. I’ve discovered FINNCOCK art site. Need to explore it and see if it should go in my upcoming artists directory. 2020-09-07-MON-19:40-CST
  18. Create and add @wranglrlover to new favorite Twitter pages list. 2020-09-14-MON-19:41-CST
  19. Add Luke to new upcoming OnlyFans Directory. Inspired by this tweet and this post. 2020-09-14-MON-19:42-CST
  20. Do something with this link. 2020-09-15-TUE-1:11-CST
  21. A hot pin on Pinterest of Chris Evans to do something with. 2020-09-15-TUE-2:05-CST
  22. Leaked Fotos is an abandoned blog on blogger that I found. Need to add it to my abandoned blogs list. 2020-09-15-TUE-2:12-CST
  23. Doom scrolling led to my discovery of actor Dylan Sprayberry. It started at this Tumblr blog, and then this Google search, and then this photo of Dylan on listal, and then this listal page with info about Dylan. I have added Dylan Sprayberry to the directory list below and he will eventually be officially added to this site. 2020-09-15-TUE-2:44-CST
  24. Back in the early 2000’s there was a really great photo gallery called Hair Trigger on the internet that I loved, but it went offline. It crossed my mind tonight (it has actually crossed my mind quite a few times), and so I took to Google to try and get some information on it. I found this forum page at and judging by the discussion, Hair Trigger was a very popular photo gallery. I am happy to say that I found a link going to The Internet Archive which contains the Original Hair Trigger Gallery site just as I remember it. When I get the time, I am planning to revive that gallery and give it a new life. Perhaps I will post it here on, however I may just put the photos in a free ebook that can be downloaded from this website instead… or maybe I’ll do both.
  25. Put up a Steve Kelso fan gallery. 2021-07-06-TUE-16:05-CST
  26. Next…

Actors & Porn Stars To Make Directory Fan Pages For:

Some links are provided next to names that I can reference for future use, especially if I list a man not familiar to me, and also to reference where inspiration to include him on this website came from.

  1. Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike)
  2. Bobby Bryant [link]
  3. Brad Pitt – currently in the works [link]
  4. Chris Evans
  5. Chris Hemsworth
  6. Chris Meloni
  7. Dylan Sprayberry
  8. George Lurich [link]
  9. Gus Maddox
  10. Henry Cavill
  11. Jack Wrangler
  12. Jake Gyllenhaal
  13. James Dean [link]
  14. James Franciscus [link]
  15. James Franco
  16. James Haskell [link]
  17. Joey Lawrence
  18. Keannu Reeves [link]
  19. Keegan Allen
  20. Kevin Costner
  21. Locky Brownlie
  22. Mark Hamill [link]
  23. Marlon Brando [link]
  24. Ricky Sinz
  25. Robert Downey Jr. [link]
  26. Robert Mitcham [link]
  27. Robert Redford [link]
  28. Sean Connery
  29. Steve Kelso
  30. Steve Reeves
  31. Ted McGinley [link]
  32. Viggo Mortenson [link]
  33. William Zabka (Karate Kid)